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Upon emerging from thine Centennial Slumber, Guano finds that creatures of thine night seek his Fluids. 

However he, too, has a hunger to sate...

Explore a moon lit castle, consume monsters, harness the power of Tarot to consume the flesh of thine enemies. But Be Aware, as such dark arts come with a price.


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This is director's cut of Guano's Big Day, a submission for VAMPIRE JAM. This build includes updated music, visual effects, and audio effects. Unfortunately, this version of the build finished several seconds after the jam ended! So here it is: the GOTY edition.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Keyboard Controls:

WASD: Move
Spacebar: Jump
J: Attack (Combo)
K: Siphon blood
L: Use Tarot card

Xbox controls:

Joystick: Move
A Button: Jump
X Button: Attack (Combo)
B Button: Siphon blood
Y Button: Use Tarot card

»»————- ★ ————-««

Art: Elie, Dermot, Cody

Music: Zac

SFX: Zac, Cody

Programming: Andy, Cody



Guano's Big Day.zip 32 MB


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There's a lot of cool concepts here, but having to start all over after every little brush with a spike would have been extremely infuriating if the platforming didn't have several simple shortcuts. The ending is really lacking without some kind of better alternative…

Made a video