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Upon emerging from thine Centennial Slumber, Guano finds that creatures of thine night seek his Fluids. 

However he, too, has a hunger to sate...

Explore a moon lit castle, consume monsters, harness the power of Tarot to consume the flesh of thine enemies. But Be Aware, as such dark arts come with a price.


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GOTY EDITION HERE: Includes updated music, visual effects, and sound effects. Unfortunately, this finished a few seconds after the deadline, so please judge for VAMPIRE JAM based off of the version on this page, then head over and play the GOTY edition :)

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Keyboard Controls:

WASD: Move
Spacebar: Jump
J: Attack (Mash for a combo)
K: Siphon blood
L: Use Tarot card

Xbox controls:

Joystick: Move
A Button: Jump
X Button: Attack (Mash for a combo)
B Button: Siphon blood
Y Button: Use Tarot card

»»————- ★ ————-««

Art: Elie, Dermot, Cody

Music: Zac

SFX: Zac, Cody

Programming: Andy, Cody


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